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[Name] Nicole
[Age] 18
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] Play video games, computer stuffs, draw, go out with my 2 friends lol. I'm such a loser, I rarely do anything...Yup.
[Got any pets?] I have a doggy named Fonzy he's an American Eskimo ^^
[What's your favorite color?] Green
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] To win that damn Set for Life lottery O.O
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Summon :D
[What's your motto?] Beatings, Burning, Boobies: the three things I like best
Image hosted by
this is a fairly new pic, with my hair cut short.
Image hosted by
this is like a month ago when my hair was long.
Image hosted by
before grad pics :P
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