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Catherine [AKA Cat]
[Age] 18
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] I play mostly Final Fantasy games and watch anime. Then I draw, surf the net, talk with friends. Then I mostly do things for my family and AFJROTC. I'm as pretty busy person when trying to mix all that into one.
[Got any pets?] My 14 year old cat named Spooky
[What's your favorite color?] Black is my favorite color to wear, but green is my favorite all around color.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] I have many. I dream to be in the military, I want to be a writer, I want to draw. But my dream as of late is to cosplay. I think that would be so much fun!!
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] I ended up favoring the gunblade after Final Fantasy VIII came out. My magic would have to be fire, pryo at heart here. My favorite summon would have to be Knights of the Round from Final Fantasy VII
[What's your motto?] Live life like you were dying tomorrow. Because life is too short to live it like an uptight person.
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