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glad i found this comm! :]

[Name] jen
[Age] 19
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] be lazy, draw, eat junk food, spend time with my fiancee, avoid doing anything productive, watch anime, read lots of manga, watch movies, play video games (especially para para paradise!), watch tv.
[Got any pets?] why yes! :] i unfortunately had to leave two behind (but in good hands with my parents) when i moved from california to rhode island, but i still love them to pieces. in cali: 7-year-old cat who thinks he's king, chocolate and peaceful but strange 8-year-old turtle boy (a slider), scratchy. rhode island: pushy, needy, but adorable kitten ravyn (male) and sweet, deceiving and push-over kitten willow (female).

[What's your favorite color?] purple, it's a wonderful color. but don't give me that violet crap, cuz i hate the color magenta and anything that's close to it.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] i want to foolishly be a manga-ka, but if it works out i guess i'll be the smart one! ;] i want to live peacefully with my fiancee and visit japan with greece...and many places. oh hell, i don't care what i'm doing or where i am, if we're together we always find a way to be happy.
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?]
weapon: something that makes me look bad a whip. with poison on the tip so i don't have to be very strong for it to be efective. ^_^;
magic: ice...i'd love to be able to freeze something and then not have to bother with it after.
summon: tie between shiva and alexander. one is elegant and beautiful (and uses ice), the other would be a sort of protector for me...he seems very trustworthy.
[What's your motto?] i don't have one, but i do believe strongly in ying and know, everything in moderation. balance is the key. you can't have one without the other. but i consider those cliches, not mottoes. i believe a great person is one who knows how to control themselves, knows when to be outspoken and when to stay quiet, when to be the leader and when to follow, when to get piss drunk and when to say no. that sort of thing. ;D

[Place 1 or 2 pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut]

warning, i'm actually not a camwhore, nor do i have a digital camera to take pictures for a specific purpose. so this is what i have to work with...

apologies for covering half my face, i was sick and my lips were swollen...i have a picture of that if you want to see the horridness. x_o; but it's a good shot of my other features. this was when my hair was all washed out and the roots were grown out after i died my hair orange to do leeloo (the fifth element).

okay, so this isn't a good shot of my face, but you gotta love the purple hair.

here's a clear shot of my face if you need one. though this over two years old. @_@;

okay so since the other pictures are at least a year old, this is the most recent picture of me when i went to visit my parents in california last christmas. isn't my mum lovely? (and she's actually almost 50). :]
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