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Giving this a shot 
09:36pm 17/05/2005
  I'm a curious one.

[Name] Prince C. Cat. or just plain C.
[Age] 20
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] In my spare time I enjoy dressing up in flamboyant clothing and prancing around getting noticed. I go to the Museum of Fine Arts for tea and music every Wednesday afternoon and in good weather I frolic in the Boston Public Gardens. I also enjoy drawing, animation, going to movies and dancing at nightclubs. I also like to drink, but only girly things that don't taste like alcohol such as fuzzy navals and kalua. I collect and make dolls, and live my life as basically a pre-op transsexual and a 21st century dandy. I tutor English in my spare time and never sleep, thus when I am not in college I am working third shift jobs with long hours and lots of pay.
[Got any pets?] Yes, I have one cat, who's name is Rufus ShinRa.
[What's your favorite color?] My favorite colour is mako green, my second favorite being indigo.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] One day I would like to be a philosophe. They were scientists and philosophers who were witty and fun at parties. Being rich would be excellent, as would having my own graphic novel published.
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] My weapon would have to be a gun of some sort. I'm too breakable to physically fight someone, unless it was with a rapier or foil. I know how to fence. Magic? I'd totally have Status defect magic. Bio, Silence, Confusion, all that junk you generally think is worthless until that one annoying boss dumps it all on you. I'm a Marlboro. Haha. Summon? I'd summon Shiva. No doubts about that. <3 She's icy, refined, and always changing her look to keep up with the times.
[What's your motto?] The First Impression is your most powerful weapon, and you've only got one shot to use it wisely.

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04:14pm 11/05/2005
mood: hungry

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rate shmeee 
02:54pm 04/05/2005
mood: calm
[Name] Nicole
[Age] 18
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] Play video games, computer stuffs, draw, go out with my 2 friends lol. I'm such a loser, I rarely do anything...Yup.
[Got any pets?] I have a doggy named Fonzy he's an American Eskimo ^^
[What's your favorite color?] Green
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] To win that damn Set for Life lottery O.O
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Summon :D
[What's your motto?] Beatings, Burning, Boobies: the three things I like best
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04:00pm 25/04/2005
  [Name] Antonio.
[Age] Seventeen.
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] I draw, shoot at targets, read, write, cosplay, roleplay.
[Got any pets?] Yes. Two Beagles, a Shitzu, and a Japanese fighting fish.
[What's your favorite color?] Black, Blue, Red, or Mako Green.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] I want to enroll in medical school and be either a Dermatologist or a Vet. I also want a nice apartment in Florida, where I can spend my days working, collecting weaponry, excersizing, and walking around in drag if I so pleased.
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] An electro-mag rod, a nine millimeter, a sniper rifle, or a Desert Eagle.
[What's your motto?] "Go out, take risks, and live your life to the fullest."

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is it just me... 
02:42am 24/04/2005
mood: curious
...or do the mods seem to have abandoned this community? ^_^;; i applied at least a couple months ago and no one has gotten stamped so far. oh well, just wondering...i'm sure they have their reasons.
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02:23am 23/04/2005
mood: amused

You know you wanna. :D
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06:50pm 22/04/2005
  [Name] Ericka
[Age] 18
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] shop, watch movies, cosplay
[Got any pets?] dog
[What's your favorite color?] Turquoise
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] to teach little japanese childrens english
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Weapon
[What's your motto?] it's better to be the beater then the beaten :p
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04:58pm 22/04/2005
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10:13pm 19/04/2005
mood: curious
*waves* Um, hi? :D

[Name] Halfling Rogue // K-san
[Age] 18 (19 come early May)
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] Read, draw, play video games, explore, bike ride, invent stuff, listen to music, tell stories, look at religions
[Got any pets?] A cat and a psychopathic budgie.
[What's your favorite color?] Green and brown. And a really weird kind of blue that matches Riku's eyes.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] I'm going to get through art college, no matter what it takes! Aside from that, just getting a job where I can do what I love, I guess.
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Ackk. Magic. I'm not good with weapons and I wouldn't like being responsible for a Summons getting hurt.
[What's your motto?] It'll all turn out all right.
[Place 1 or 2 pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut] ( Semi-fake LJ cut. :O )
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Bonjour! =D 
07:32pm 15/04/2005
mood: good
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Her everyone. :) 
03:15pm 15/04/2005
  Hey everyone. Here are the answers to the question/survey/application. @_@

[Name] Adrielle Marie
[Age] 15
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] Read. Write. Go online. Mess with my LJ.
[Got any pets?] One dog (named Kitty)
[What's your favorite color?] Black
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] I've always strived for perfection
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Sword or dagger.
[What's your motto?] Survival of the fittest.
[Place 1 or 2 pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut] I have no picture of myself in my computer, perhaps a description would do? I'm 5'3. Black hair. Dark brown (almost black eyes). That's pretty much me.
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10:17pm 05/04/2005
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Newbie ;) 
05:17pm 29/03/2005
mood: content

[Name] Crystal
[Age]  16
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] Any of my hobbies, Art, Anime,Games, or even Archery or 4 wheeling - haha I have secrete tom-boy personality outside school no one knows about >:D
[Got any pets?] Yes 2 cats (neko and bulma) 1 dog (kyou)
[What's your favorite color?] yellow has always always been my favorite
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] Soo many, but mainly to go to college for my Art
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?]  Short range daggers of some sort? only because I no I couldnt lift a big heavy sword (lol) magic would also suite me I think, but I think I fairly quick on foot when I need to be.
[What's your motto?] why worry about what you cant fix?
[Place 1 or 2 pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut]

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12:30am 29/03/2005
mood: aggravated


Known as: Birth; Nicole Marie, Nick; Nene.
Aged: Fifteen years.
Spare time activities: In my spare time I like to read, watch television, play with my pets, and explore, trying to learn new things.
Pets: Yes. I have a rabbit named Scooter, and a Norwegian rat named Freida.
Colors that please: I quite like brown, cream and mango, equally.
Goals: I want to graduate and get the required education to become a nurse, whilst enjoying a side career in the arts.
Weapon, magic, or summon: Magic, because it does more damage/aid than just attacking, and it involves you, not a big hulking monster.
Motto: "Life is a garden, dig it", I guess.

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Gomen ne! 
10:03pm 28/03/2005
mood: anxious
I'm sorry to be annoying about this, but i've been waiting for a long time to get rated!
Please rate me!
I rated like 20 people already and I only have like four votes so far. (and I posted a long time ago!) I really want to put a FF_rating image in my LJ! Sorry if this isn't allowed, i'll delete it if so! I just am really excited to see who i'd get!
Thank you everyone!
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06:19am 27/03/2005
[Name]: Chris
[Age]: 19
[What do you like to do in your spare time?]: Anime, Video Games, Internet, karaoke, DDR, drawing, listening to music, sleeping, eating
[Got any pets?]: Used to have a pet cat that sadly is no longer with me
[What's your favorite color?]: Yellow
[Got any Goals or Dreams?]: I want to one day become a video game programmer. I'd also like to become a manga artist/writer. Finally, I'd love to find that 'perfect' someone... *9_9*
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] Magic
[What's your motto?]: C'est la Vie
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10:21pm 23/03/2005
mood: full

Catherine [AKA Cat]
[Age] 18
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] I play mostly Final Fantasy games and watch anime. Then I draw, surf the net, talk with friends. Then I mostly do things for my family and AFJROTC. I'm as pretty busy person when trying to mix all that into one.
[Got any pets?] My 14 year old cat named Spooky
[What's your favorite color?] Black is my favorite color to wear, but green is my favorite all around color.
[Got any Goals or Dreams?] I have many. I dream to be in the military, I want to be a writer, I want to draw. But my dream as of late is to cosplay. I think that would be so much fun!!
[If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?] I ended up favoring the gunblade after Final Fantasy VIII came out. My magic would have to be fire, pryo at heart here. My favorite summon would have to be Knights of the Round from Final Fantasy VII
[What's your motto?] Live life like you were dying tomorrow. Because life is too short to live it like an uptight person.
[Place 1 or 2 pictures of yourself behind an lj-cut]

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glad i found this comm! :] 
02:14pm 23/03/2005
[Name] jen
[Age] 19
[What do you like to do in your spare time?] be lazy, draw, eat junk food, spend time with my fiancee, avoid doing anything productive, watch anime, read lots of manga, watch movies, play video games (especially para para paradise!), watch tv.
[Got any pets?] why yes! :] i unfortunately had to leave two behind (but in good hands with my parents) when i moved from california to rhode island, but i still love them to pieces. in cali: 7-year-old cat who thinks he's king, chocolate and peaceful but strange 8-year-old turtle boy (a slider), scratchy. rhode island: pushy, needy, but adorable kitten ravyn (male) and sweet, deceiving and push-over kitten willow (female).

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07:13pm 20/03/2005
mood: content

(Name) Natsu.
(Age) 15.
(What do you like to do in your spare time?) Most of the time, it's either talking to my friends or making icons. But I also like to read romance stories ( preferably Squall x Rinoa or Cloud x Aerith ) & of course, listen to music & play video games.
(Got any pets?) YES! A golden retriever named Misty. She's 4 but I still spoil her to no end ( I feel bad if I don't share my food with her ).
(What's your favorite color?) Purple & blue; I can't really choose.
(Got any Goals or Dreams?) Yeh! I want to be a lawyer, visit Japan, & attend an Ayumi Hamasaki concert after kidnapping my crush in Texas ( I hope he doesn't read this~   XD ).
(If you had to pick one of Weapon/Magic/Summon what would it be?) I kind of would like a blend of all three. Like, having a staff or weapon ( that deals DAMAGE ) but being able to summon & cast magic. Kind of like Rinoa/Aerith/Yuna.
(What's your motto?) C'est la vie ..?   @_@   I don't know, actually.
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